1. Balanced Fitness & Health Personal Training

    The Four Elements of Being an Efficient Mover

    Written by Terry Reddinger, Z-Health Master Trainer Is your body operating at an efficient level for maximum results? Sometimes people come to me in pain and cannot figure out why. Through my assessment process I check for the overall quality of what we call "The Four Elements of Efficiency." Asses…Read More

  2. Improve Your Game with March Madness Inspired Workouts

    Selection Sunday is just around the corner if you're a college fan, March Madness is one of the best times of the year. The strongest, healthiest and best-trained college basketball teams will be the last ones standing in the end and we have the training guide to keep you in the game until the final…Read More

  3. Stabilizing Your Spine to Power Your Core

    Spinal stability means that your core is strong and able to support the rest of your muscles as you move. Our core is the base we work from, with the intent of creating movement and power around a stable object- your spine. The problem is that it doesn’t stabilize itself - it takes effort. Lack o…Read More

  4. The Power of Protein, Minus the Meat

    Protein is important to your diet, especially if you're exercising regularly. The body uses it to restore and rebuild bodily tissues, including the muscles, liver and brain. Amino Acids are the smallest components of protein. The body produces some amino acids, critical for bodily functioning, but n…Read More

  5. Stretch Your Way to Fewer Injuries

    The first thing most people do when they wake up in the morning is raise their arms over their head and get in a nice, relieving stretch. It feels good, it gets your blood flowing, it makes it easier to get up and get going. Yet was it a conscience decision, to stretch it out? Most likely not! Gener…Read More