First time marathon runner

Dear beginning runner,

First of all, know that you are not alone! Running a marathon can seem like an impossible feat, but half a million people do it every year. With the right advice, training and preparation… you can do it too!

Balanced Fitness & Health Staff
Brandon Michael, BFH Personal Trainer

Second of all remember the old saying, “Slow and steady wins the race.” Many beginners think they need to conquer the race within the first day, week or month of training. However, training takes time and that attitude will usually lead to injury, quitting or having a negative experience all together.

I have read, researched and practiced many different training methods to prepare for running races, running for fun and running for exercise. While trying to maximize my training methods, I have found that the key ingredient to all of these is consistency. For instance, it’s better to run a little bit each or every other day than it is to continuously run long distances and then take three or four days off. A lot of people may be intimidated by the total time, distance and effort it may take to endure a long distance race. However, the best advice I will give you is to take one stride at a time and progress conservatively. This allows your body to adapt physiologically as you tick off each running goal and makes for a rewarding experience.

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