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Written by Terry Reddinger, Z-Health Master Trainer

Is your body operating at an efficient level for maximum results? Sometimes people come to me in pain and cannot figure out why. Through my assessment process I check for the overall quality of what we call “The Four Elements of Efficiency.” Assessing these elements along with great history-taking of a new client can direct me to what the underlying cause of an issue really is.

First, let’s take a look at what the four elements of being an efficient mover actually means:

1. Perfect Form – If we do not exercise with perfect form, we can create stress and tension in areas of the body that are not meant to take on that stress alone. An example of this would be performing a deadlift with a rounded upper back leading to an overuse of the lower back.

2. Dynamic Postural Alignment – If you have a loss of dynamic postural alignment during your cardio sessions you may notice that you have a slightly rounded back, rounded shoulders, and forward head posture. The list of issues that can arise from this are poor breathing, pain, extreme fatigue or an overall ability to progress to your weight loss / muscle gain goals.

3. Synchronized Respiration – If you cannot practice great rhythmic respiration your ability to recover from an exercise quickly or perform for long periods of time becomes inefficient which leads to slower results no matter what the goal. Poor synchronized respiration can be created from even the smallest cold or cough due to the 20,000 repetitions we practice daily. This can create a whole new poor breathing pattern.

4. Balanced Tension / Relaxation – Balanced tension and relaxation are key because too much tension can cause poor movement, increase the risk of injury and prolonging the achievement of goals. If there is too much relaxation, not enough tension is created to have overcome an imposing force or demand on the body. Therefore a happy balance between the two are crucial. Think about the athletes that make things look easy. They have figured out the balance between tension and relaxation.

The big take away from the elements of efficiency is that one element can affect the other in a good or bad way. Poor rhythmic breathing can cause a breakdown in form which can then lead to a decrease in postural alignment, increasing tension, ultimately leading to injury or disuse of the body.

Which element do you need to work on in order to get to your goals faster?

Terry Reddinger is a fitness coach at Balanced Fitness & Health. After years of personal training, he knew there was more to the science of physical training through the lens of the nervous system, and that is when he found Z Health Performance solutions. Through this highly researched brain based training system, he has been able to help people get out of pain, increase strength and improve athletic performance. 
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