When summer in San Diego finally comes to an end, we tend to stop paying attention to our diet and fitness. After all, it’s easier to hide extra LBs in a pea coat than it is on the beach – and holy crap do grandma’s peanut butter cookies taste amazing!

However, we at Balanced Fitness and Health, Downtown San Diego’s premier fitness club, know that keeping your body in tip top shape is important no matter the season. Sure, you could go with the obvious reasons like, looks are the least important part of your health and yo-yoing weight can cause significant health risks, but let’s talk about some of the LESS obvious ones… ones we might forget when the smells of pumpkin spice lattes and Christmas hams start clouding our judgement.

  • You need SOMETHING to do when it’s dark at 5 in the afternoon

In the summer, sometimes it’s actually HARDER to find time for the gym. The sun doesn’t set till 9 pm and the beach is calling and heck – why not have a BBQ instead? With Daylight Savings Time nearly over, though, it’s pitch dark by the time you leave work, so hitting the gym is actually a great use of your time. Bring an audiobook and hit the treadmill or catch the Monday night game on our state of the art TVs while getting your lift on – it’s better than sitting on the couch in your sweatpants!

  • Actually, it’s NOT that easy to hide fat in a pea coat

You may think that now that the colder months are here, you don’t have to keep your bikini-bod as trim. Sorry, pal, but that’s just not true. Looking and feeling chunky in warm weather wear is just as bad – unless you love looking like that kid from Christmas Story. Keep your love handles in check and you can keep rockin’ those slim fit jackets and your nice jeans all winter long.

  • New Years Eve is just around the corner

Putting on a little weight during the holidays is almost a tradition for a lot of us. Stress eating (ugh Mom, stop asking when I’m gonna get married) and turkey leftovers are a part of most of our lives every year, and why not? BECAUSE NEW YEARS EVE. Unless you want to ring in 2015 feeling like a pillow stuffed in a toilet paper tube, maintain a decent diet and workout routine all winter long. Need some motivation? Get involved with one of Balanced Health and Fitness’ highly-trained personal trainers – they’ll keep you in check.

  • Get a head start on your resolutions

While your friends are making half-hearted vows that this year, seriously dude, I’m gonna get swole – you can laugh and roll your eyes because you’ve spent the winter getting a head start on having the best body of your life. Once 2015 starts you’ll be well on your way to ultimate fitness, while your buddy is still convincing himself that blotting the grease off his pizza is “a step in the right direction.”

  • San Diego can be 75 degrees at any given moment

Unlike Minnesota or NYC, where it’s cold and dark without fail for 4 straight months, San Diego gets random warm, beach-worthy days all winter long. So instead of missing out on a day of sunbathing because you’ve let your winter weight get the best of you, maintain your bathing-suit ready bod by hitting up a few of Balanced Fitness and Health’s many group classes. Offered several times a day, you’re sure to find a class that fits your schedule and tastes. Who knows – you might find that Tabata training helps you shed those stubborn last 5 pounds – and you’ll spend January looking hotter than you ever did during the summer!

What is your motivation for staying fit and healthy through the colder months? Let us know in the comments!