Nowadays people are too busy to think about planning meals ahead. It’s all about what you can grab on-the-go, and snacking has become a big problem Americans face. It’s hard to remember to eat healthy when you work full time, and have a busy life. Here are some suggestions for healthy on-the-go snacks, and small meals.  To maintain a healthy diet and keep those extra pounds off, try to utilize portion control 80% of the time.
Eating 5 or 6 small meals can help with feeling full. If you are on a $1,800 calorie diet, and you wanted to eat 6 meals a day you would be eating 300 calorie meals. There are many benefits to eating 5 or 6 smaller meals rather than eating 3 large meals. This includes quicker digestion; when eating smaller meals it take the stomach less time to digest food, and doesn’t cause the sluggish feeling a large meal can cause. People are also less likely to overeat when consuming smaller meals more often rather than waiting until you are starving and then binge eating.

Some suggestions for small meals include:

Hard boiled egg and fruit; this combo is high in protein and low in calories, eggs are a great and satisfying snack and only about 70 calories each. Make this a small meal by adding some fruit to fill you up.

Hummus and vegetables; hummus is high in protein and carbs, and veggies are the perfect pairing to keep you feeling full longer and incorporating vitamins into your diet.

Greek yogurt and granola;  greek yogurt is high in protein keeping you full longer. Be sure when choosing a granola you choose one low in sugar and sodium.

Apple with almond or peanut butter; this fiber rich fruit is full of antioxidants and almond or peanut butter is high in protein to keep you full longer.

Turkey roll up; make sure you choose low sodium turkey breast, and a whole wheat wrap with veggies, opt for mustard instead of mayonnaise.