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We have all seen the ads, in the margins of web pages, on covers of magazines.

One simple trick to:

  • lose fat
  • build amazing abs
  • get rock hard muscles
  • traps you could swing from
  • guns you have to license with the city
  • an ass you can bounce quarters off of
  • whatever

Pro tip: there are no tricks, just methods and results

If those things did what they said, why wouldn’t everyone, coaches and gym members, already know and use the tricks?

Has every coach you’ve ever had just been ignorant or mean? No, not likely.

Most people I have had as clients and students have come to me for the following things:

  1. Fat loss-everyone wants to look good in, and out of their clothes, so body composition is a big
    part of why people hire me as a coach or join a gym/start an exercise regimen.
  2. Performance-we are all athletes of one stripe or another, that means we all compete, with ourselves, our team mates, or our competition, and improving our performance in whatever endeavor we participate in, whether that is the sprint to the finish line or goal, or the sprint to
    get that end of season sale at Macy’s, we want to win. It’s part of being human, we compete, we improve, we become better, we pass on better genes and methods to the next generation
  3. Pain relief-being sore all day, sucks. Finding ways to get further in the day, event, or work, with less pain, means you feel better at the end of the day. That means you are happier, less grumpy and have more resources for you, your friends and family.

Here is a simple tip, not a trick. It will cost you at the most $2.00 get a pen or pencil, and a notepad write down what you eat, rough estimates are fine the quantity and type of food, drink etc. write it all down whatever goes in your mouth, write it down or use an app like MyFitnessPal (available for android or iOs)

Tracking your food will give you amazing results, and information once you know what is going in, you can make better decisions on how it makes you feel, how it changes your body, and if the foods you are eating are moving you toward, or away from your goals.

Simple tip #2

Every morning, and 4 hrs after each meal, take your pulse, and your temperature. I use my phone and a touch thermometer. If I have my waking hr and temp, later, I can compare these to what my body shows after eating, and can decide if I should workout hard, or easy each day. If my waking HR and temp is lower by more than 5-10 pts of the previous day, I should rest more and take it easy, maybe just work on mobility, stretching, or come see Terry or myself and get some easy vision and balance drills you can work on your easy days. Using that information I can also make better decisions on what I should eat. If my pulse/hr and temp goes up, I am speeding up my metabolic rate (I am realllly simplifying this).

If they go down, I have slowed my metabolism. If I am trying to burn fat, I want faster hr and higher temps, the foods in my journal that show that
effect, I eat more of. Now, taking these three bits of data, and acting on them, modifying my intake to get food that increases metabolism, and modifying my exercise intensity to maintain the best possible balance of work vs recovery. I will see results. Fast.

And the last simple tip is about the most important supplement in the world


  • Taken daily it provides amazing results
  • Take action
  • Get better

If you see me in the gym hit me up with any questions, comments or concerns

I am happy to chat with you, or set up a session with me to find out how to use these tools more effectively to get toward Your personal goals faster.

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– James Neidlinger