The New Year always brings a time for change, and millions of people resolve to change the way the look. The first step to improving your health and fitness is developing a habit of regular exercise and healthy eating. Also, there are many mobile apps on the market to help you monitor your physical progress. For those hoping increase their level fitness this year through New Year’s resolutions, apps can help you develop a routine, find new exercises, track of your weight loss, monitor your heart rate, measure strength gains, and can also provide the motivation that keeps you going!
Everyone’s workout routine is different, and we recommend using an app that best suits yours.  There is no one-size-fits-all fitness app, but here are a few worth checking out:

  • My Fitness Pal is a free app that tracks diet and exercise to determine your optimal nutrient and caloric intake, based on the goals you set. Each day, it summarizes your diet and fitness habits, and you also share with your friends for added support from your network, as you work toward goals.
  • Map My Run offers accurate geo-tracking and reports on your bio-metric feedback in real-time, delivering this data via voice prompts. The app also syncs to your personal social media accounts and keeps you motivated with various challenges.
  • Full Fitness comes with a full database of exercise routines and also provides you with predefined workout programs. With the ability to create and customize your own workouts, tailoring them to your personal needs, the preset programs are divided into sports-specific and goal-orientated categories.
  •  Fitness Buddy provides instructions for over 1,700 exercises, and also helps plan and track workouts, monitor body weight and reports on several other bio-metrics, including heart rate and blood pressure. Once your fitness goals are defined and workout planned, this app will record all collected data on a calendar for easy reference that you can export at any time.

To get the most out of your fitness apps, update your information routinely. These applications won’t produce accurate real time data without your consistent input. Regardless of the type of exercises you are interested in, we recommend that you seek the advice of a trainer before you begin a new fitness routine. Trainers can help you assess your level of fitness and tailor a workout that fits you. Then you can program and use the apps accordingly, based on the advice of your fitness profession. Using apps in conjunction with a personal trainer will help to maximize your fitness results.

What fitness apps do you use? Share your favorites with us here!