Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. A day usually reserved for chocolates, flowers and elegant dinners, we’re here to help you find active activities that you’ll both enjoy, a perfect combination of romance and a little calorie burn in the process.

Dance Lessons – Whether it’s an hour of tango, salsa, or ballroom dancing, taking impromptu dance lessons with your date is a great way to bond while getting a full-body workout. An hour of moderate dancing can burn up to 340 calories.

Nintendo Wii – Think video games are sedentary? Not so fast! If your date is looking for a quiet night in, make the experience an active one by playing one of the Wii’s variety of high-intensity games, like tennis or baseball, and burn 150-300 calories in an hour.

Bowling – Bowling i a fun group activity that not only builds strength but allows for fun competition between couples, self-deprecating humor and the chance to show grace under pressure. Finally, one hour of bowling will help you burn 150-200 calories.

Rock Climbing – Did you know that we have a rock-climbing wall? This is a tremendous workout that can be competitive or team-work oriented where you both focus on on the enormous wall and giant drop, taking the pressure off and creating a shared experience. Look to burn up to 600 calories per hour rock climbing.

Hiking – San Diego is well-known for its vast hiking trails. Some of our favorites include Torrey Pines, Mount Woodson and Cowles Mountain. Utilize your surroundings, pack up two thermoses of hot chocolate, and head out for a sunset rendezvous. Depending on terrain and backpack weight, you can burn 200-500 calories per hour. And if you’re really looking to amp it up, try a Ruck march!

Let your active lifestyle light the spark this Valentine’s Day.

What are your favorite fitness activities to do with your significant other?