With spring and summer approaching there will be an increase in races in the area. Follow our training tips for a half marathon to help get you in shape, and achieve a goal you are working towards. The 13.1 mile challenge is becoming very popular. While it still requires dedication and a strict training schedule, it is a much shorter and accessible training regimen for someone with a busier schedule and less running experience. Training plans typically last between 10-16 weeks, choose your plan accordingly based on your fitness level and running experience.
Follow our tips below to train for a half marathon:

1.) Define Your Goal
Why are you running? Is it for personal achievement, weight loss, or prep for a full marathon? Decide what your goal is and stick with it. This will help you stay motivated and on track with your training schedule.

2.) Find a running club or training buddy
Join a running group check out your area for organizations and clubs. Having those other people training with you will motivate you to get up early for that long run. When you know you’ll be missed you’re more accountable for your workouts.

3.) Cross-train
It is important to still be doing other forms of exercise to strengthen muscles, and prevent injury. Some suggestions for cross-training are cycling, swimming, and yoga is great because it helps loosen and strengthen tense muscles.

4.) Familiarize yourself with your race course
It is important to see the course before you run on race day. This will help you mentally prepare, and be able to account for where you are in terms of completion on the race day. This will also help you prepare for any hills or any areas along the course you may feel are an added challenge.

5.) Rest and Recovery
Your body needs time to rebuild, and repair. Recovery days are just as important as training days.

Check out the list of upcoming Half Marathons in California.

Are you a runner? What are your tips for half-marathon training?