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It’s that time of year again, when we’re all forced to think of thoughtful gifts for the ones we love that WON’T cause us to go bankrupt. With about 20 days till Christmas (and barely ten till Hanukkah!), the team at Balanced Fitness and Health has put together a gift guide for the fitness lovers in your life. Oh, and if you end up picking up a little something extra for yourself, we promise not to tell!

1. For the marathon junkie 

Know a speed demon who loves to hit the pavement? Give them the gift of myofascial release by gifting them a foam roller or trigger point ball to help soothe those tight leg muscles. And even though as a kid you rolled your eyes at the idea of getting socks for Christmas, a nice pair of Injinjis are CHEER-WORTHY to runners.

2. For the bulking machine

He’s got arms like boa constrictors and she can lift a Fiat over her head, but that doesn’t mean weightlifters don’t love a thoughtful gift like everyone else! A big ol’ tub of their favorite protein powder will make their holiday awesome – though we can’t promise they won’t bail on dinner to hit the weights after a spoonful of Optimum Nutrition! Looking for something on a smaller budget? How about a nice BlenderBottle to drink their wheyshakes in style!

3. For the zen yogi

Yoga gear is notoriously pricey, from $100 sustainable mats to $95 form fitting pants. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get the yogi in your life something they’ll love. If they’re in it for the heart-pumping, sweaty health benefits, grab them an eco-friendly  stainless steel water bottle so they can hydrate during class while knowing they’re looking out for the earth. If you know a yogi who is interested in the mental and spiritual side, grab them a book like Meditations from the Mat or Light on Yoga.

4. For the serious slimmer 

If you know someone who’s dropping the LBs and sculpting their 2015 bodies, there are tons of gifts that will help them on their path to health. A cookbook, like Nom Nom Paleo or Skinnytaste feature delicious recipes that can help someone stay on track with their weight loss. For a bigger splurge, a Fitbit Flex wristband logs activity and motivates the wearer all day long to stay active and remember their goals.

5. For all fitness lovers 

No matter what they do to stay fit, there are some items that would be great for ALL healthnuts and work out fiends!

  • iTunes gift card – so they can buy all the jams they want to keep them pumped up during workouts
  • Nike Fuel Band or Garmin Vivofit – makes it so they can marvel at all their hard work at the end of their workout
  • Tiger Balm – a soothing-scented cream to help muscles relax and loosen after a hard day
  • Spiralizer – cut out excessive carbs by turning vegetables into noodles!
  • Fruit infusing water bottle – water is a key component to any fitness regime – doesn’t mean you can’t give it some flavor.
  • Pilates ball – so many uses, from stretching and lifting to replacing your back-stressing computer chair!

So, now that you have some ideas, get out there and go shopping (or better yet, order from home and then hit up Balanced Fitness and Health for a nice, crowd-free workout!)