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A serious way to set yourself up for success, and to avoid regret, is to set small goals, and work from there.

If your goal is Fat loss, move from stage to stage in your head, you are making a resolution, so odds are high that you are past pre-contemplation and firmly in either planning or action.

If you hit action and have no plan….

Seriously, slow your roll and back it up

Plan it out.

Set a daily goal, a deadline.

By Bed time each night I will have made a full record of all of the food and drink I have had each day.

I recommend people use MyFitnessPal ( I don’t get paid for endorsement of their service, its just easy and useful, its also free, so check it out)

After 3 days you will have a realistic picture of what you are eating, drinking, and possibly the timing of those meals.

That’s some powerful information

It lets you make adjustments to your balance of nutrition in the directions of the goals you have set.

(if its money, keep a log, then you can set a budget, if its relationships, keep a diary of your interactions with people…you get it, collect information and make it actionable)

After 21 days (avg number of days you have to do something to make it a habit) you will have established (hopefully) a habit of food logging, and you will have a very clear average of daily nutrition, how much fat, protein and carbs you get on a day to day basis.

This one thing, just logging food, is a huge key to successful body composition changes.

When you start writing down everything that goes in, you start making choices that are more in line with your stated goals. Its automatic.

That leads to changes, and those changes lead to better decisions, because you can see the results of the changes and make alterations to your plan (there’s that word again, planning) which make your actions more useful.

For the next 21 days try it, write down everything you eat and drink, and then be honest about how those decisions will effect you in the long term.

Having that deadline of “every night before bed” is a powerful motivator. Without it, you can fall into the slack. No end point means no sense of movement toward the goal.

We need to be pushed a little, it helps.

Deadlines help you set the stage for success,

It helps you to set priorities and strategies. It helps you plan.

Without an end time, things will slide…

resistance to change will kick in and you will find a reason why the logging couldn’t be done today, why the workout was missed, why the salad was smaller and the sundae was larger, and insist that tomorrow, you will do better. Tomorrow is always a day away.

Today is now

In the next post we will take a quick look at your logs and put them to use.

See you soon.

So to wrap it up

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As always, I am dedicated to your progress and success.
And now that I have finally settled into a new home and have my life back to semi normal, I can be even more devoted to that success.

Get Strong
Stay Strong
and don’t let the bastards drag you down..

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