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Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and for many that means binge on chocolate and overpriced, high-fat meals at packed restaurants. If that doesn’t sound super fun to you (we know it sounds like a bummer to us), try one of our 5 fitness lovers’ Valentine’s Day ideas and break a sweat with the one you love!

Because V-Day falls on a weekend this year (and a beautiful 75 degree in San Diego one at that), couples are sure to be celebrating all day, and one activity they often flood to? Hiking! Popular and picturesque trails are sure to be extremely busy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get surrounded by nature for a heart pumping trail trek. Drive a bit further away (to Julian or San Clemente if you’re San Diego-based) and find an invigorating trail that won’t be so jam-packed with visitors – we love Three Sisters Falls, but be sure to bring a LOT of water!

2. Hop on a bike and explore the city

Give your glutes a workout while exploring our beautiful city by hopping on bikes and going west! There are trails that can take you all the way from Central SD all the way to the coast, providing a calorie-burning adventure while plopping you right at some of San Diego’s most gorgeous views. Grab a relaxing bite to eat at South Coast Bar and Grill in OB or PB Fish Shop and reward yourself with some tasty fish tacos and a carb-heavy beer.

3. Get competitive! 

Sure you guys love each other (or okay, at least LIKE each other), but why not put a little wager on a friendly one-on-one match up in disc golf, racquetball, or volleyball? With locations to play all three sports around the city, you are sure to find a fun game to play that will work your muscles and inspire the competitive spirit. Plus it’s always fun to pick a cute (or sexy) task for the loser to complete after the game – it’s a fitness lovers Valentine’s Day dream!

4. Create a healthy, romantic dinner at home

We won’t pretend we don’t sometimes love the decadent and rich meals that chefs at upscale restaurants create. However, those can leave you feeling bloated and sluggish – not a great feeling when you’ve been taking group cardio classes at Balanced Fitness and Health. Instead, find your own tasty recipe online for something a little bit healthier – seared ahi tuna or salmon with cauliflower rice and brussel sprouts – and then light some candles, pour some wine, and dig in!

5. Play it like any other day and hit the gym

Hey, maybe you’re just not into Valentine’s Day. Maybe you’re an independent single or you and your partner don’t like the corporate holidays. Then pretend it doesn’t exist and treat it like any other day, starting of course with an invigorating workout at Balanced Fitness and Health. Grab your partner for some buddy exercises or head in for a Mat Pilates class to sculpt your core and build strength. Then grab a healthy smoothie or juice and go about your day as planned while thousands of couples around you stress about gifts and flowers and dinners (and then battles hangovers and arguments the next day – no thanks!).

What are your go-to fitness lovers’ Valentine’s Day ideas? Let us know in the comments!