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With one week left until Thanksgiving, a lot of us have resigned ourselves to putting on a few pounds over the next couple months. Although we detailed the many reasons to keep up your workout and diet routine throughout the winter months, we admit it’s tough not to give it to the mountain of chocolate and butter and sugar and salt that makes up every meal between November 27th and January 1st. However, it doesn’t have to be a landslide into lethargic chunkiness if you just following a few tips to stay healthy during the holidays!
1. Keep snacking and leftovers to a minimum

No one’s gonna guilt you if you take second or thirds on your Thanksgiving meal – that’s the whole POINT of the holiday! However, it’s the snacking throughout the day, and the endless servings of leftovers and snacking that really does you in. If you host a holiday gathering, try to send guests home with a majority of the remaining food so you’re not tempted to eat mashed potatoes and apple pie for every meal until Christmas. Stocking your fridge with leafy greens and healthy proteins to eat after the holiday will help you get back on track.

2. Make the gym your escape

The holidays can be stressful – money is tight, family is everywhere, and everyone seems to be driving like a maniac. Instead of taking out your frustrations at the bar over wings and beers, blow off steam with some endorphin-boosting exercise. A mind-quieting power yoga class at Balanced Fitness and Health or just a couple hours lifting and blasting your favorite tunes will calm you down with the added benefit of burning off some of those extra cheesecake calories. Plus, hitting the gym will never leave you with a hangover!

3. Explore healthier versions of holiday favorites that fit your diet

You don’t have to sacrifice all those delicious winter flavors just because you’re trying to keep it tight! Whether you’re a pumpkin-spice-aholic or you can’t say no to egg nog, there are dozens of recipes online that keep the taste you love while dropping the extra sugar and fat. Some of our favorites: Pumpkin Zucchini Bread with Chocolate Chips,  Clean Eating Egg Nog, Light Chicken Pot Pie, A Paleo Thanksgiving Feast.

Of course, there’s always the chance that you’ll put on a couple LBs while traversing the labyrinth known as the holiday season. But if you keep up a consistent workout routine and don’t let yourself fall into the over-eating rabbit hole, you’ll survive until New Years – and then it’s back to the grind. What are your tips for keeping fit during the holiday season? Let us know in the comments!