Take a look at some of the successful results our Balanced Fitness members have proudly shared with us! Results may vary based mostly on your effort and consistency. Start creating your very own success story today.

Alex, 37, Lost 60 lbs

Leann, 33, Lost 87 lbs

Maksim, 30, Lost 28lbs

Taylor, 30, Lost 40lbs

Emerald, 29, Lost 69 lbs

Brian, 35, Lost 30 lbs

Alissa, 40, Lost 17lbs


“(James) has an excellent “toolbox” in response to particular needs”

James Neidlinger has worked as my personal trainer for about three years.  He had purpose in his circuits. He could also provide an insightful explanation of what the intent of a specific exercise or drill was. He gained my complete trust.  He taught me to love clubs, pads/gloves, kettle bells and eye movement drills. Sorry, I am still not in love with the rowing machine.

He excels in what I consider important from an instructor/trainer. He listens. He has an excellent “toolbox” in response to particular needs. James is a lifetime student. He is not satisfied with the status quo. He wants to learn and have students benefit from his learning. I did and am very grateful.

– Mike H.

“I always felt better after training with James”

James Neidlinger has been my personal trainer for the past 3 years during which I saw him two to three times per week. James is very conscientious conservative and creative in his approach to training. His thoughtful training sessions were never dull, from the use of Indian clubs to proper breathing and neurologically engaging eye exercises during warm up I always felt primed for the workouts.

James natural empathy for clients and their well being resulted in very creative training sessions that included.cardio strength flexibility elements interspersed with engagingly enjoyable boxing or fighting stick routines. I always felt better after training with James and often felt his watchful eye urging me to demonstrate better form while preventing injury. As a result I enjoy improved range of motion, flexibility, strength and stamina.

Unfortunately for me James and his wife recently moved to San Diego. I miss my sessions with James and would encourage anyone searching for a great personal trainer to hire him. I promise you will be engaged with a true professional who gets results for his clients.

– Phil D.

“… significant breakthrough in my range of motion in just one session”

After four months of vigorous physical therapy after shoulder surgery, I went to see Terry, and had a significant breakthrough in my range of motion in just one session! When it comes to your body, quality is key! This place delivers quality! Ten stars if I could!

– Deanna B.

“Terry’s workout plans always focused on my goals”

Initially, I was introduced to Terry for injury rehabilitation. Terry was able to quickly assess and rehab a stage 2 AC separation shoulder injury. I felt so good and was so impressed by the speed and efficiency of the recovery that I decided to continue to work with Terry on my personal fitness goals. Primarily, I targeted to lose 10 pounds of fat and produce a solid muscle foundation for overall good health. Additionally, I asked Terry to target sessions for increasing endurance for playing basketball and going snowboarding.

I trained with Terry for over 36 sessions. One thing that becomes quickly apparent is Terry’s keen ability to monitor your body’s strength capabilities, then adjust the training toward what would benefit your goals. Through using Z-Health techniques, Terry’s workout plans were always focused on my goals. I was able to noticeably improve both my basketball and snowboarding skills in a short time. I would highly recommend Terry to anyone who is looking for a challenging and rewarding personal trainer.

– Brad M.

“Working out with Terry has been a life changing experience”

Working out with Terry has been a life changing experience. He took the time to not only teach me about how to work out correctly and safely, but also about nutrition and how that impacts my performance and overall quality of life. He has equipped me with extensive knowledge on how to achieve both my short term and long term fitness and health goals. His knowledge of Z Health takes his training sessions over the top. I worked out most of my adult life but did not see significant results until I began training with him. I highly recommend training with Terry Reddinger.

– Trinnon M.

“By far the best gym I have been to in San Diego”

I want to thank Balanced Fitness and Health for helping me begin on my journey towards a healthy lifestyle. The plan they put together for me was very efficient and taught me a lot about what is needed to live a healthier lifestyle. The trainers at Balanced Fitness helped put me on a weightlifting regime that was extremely helpful. Working with the all the trainers, Brandon C, Adam, Brent and Brandon M was amazing. Each trainer had a personal style that gave me a lot of tools for working out and helped me to see immediate gains in strength, cardio, agility, ability, and weight loss.

Lauren Brown’s diet plan was also very helpful in teaching me the appropriate foods for eating better, losing weight and also for maximizing my exercise plans. She is easy to work with and worked with me to build a great plan.

Everyone at Balanced Fitness was extremely friendly and helpful and genuinely cared about me and my fitness goals. The gym is great and has a comfortable atmosphere that is excellent for working out. By far the best gym that I have been to in San Diego.

– Brody G.

“I am in better shape than I have ever been”

“Different than most trainers”

“I got stronger and noticed the changes in my body and mind”